Mr. & Mrs. Shah

We feel that Nicholas Montessori has provided a good foundation for kindergarten math and alphabet requirements, and we have found the staff to be responsive and helpful with any concerns. Our son really enjoyed the time with his friends at Nicholas Montessori.

Mehul Desai

Nicholas Montessori is the best day care we have come across. Extremely caring and knowledgeable staff will ensure your child's superb development. Both our boys go to this montessori and we are very satisfied and happy with their progress. I highly recommend this place for all the parents looking for a day care for their child. Definitely a 5 star.

Prajeesh Kumar

We enrolled our son Ishaan at Nicholas Montessori on Jul 2013 when he was 2.5 years. Only 18 months later, now , he is a very independent little boy who would love to do Montessori work even at home . One thing we particularly noticed is the individual attention he got all the times . All the teachers , especially MS.Machu, MS Yvuomi and the entire management have been extremely supportive. Especially when Ishaan was going through tough time to acquire his social skills, the teachers gave us very clear directions . Altogether , after 18 months we see an entirely different Ishaan . Definitely a 5 Star Montessori school in Bridgewater/Martinsville area. Great teachers and Individual care . We would highly recommend.

Usha Balamurugan

“I had the privilege of sending my two daughters to Nicholas Montessori and I must say that it is one of those good decision I made for my kids. The dedicated staff and the friendly environment brought the best out of them. I really appreciate the teacher’s feedback which helped me to work with my daughters to encourage their interests and work with their struggles as well. They also took extremely safe measures to work with one of my daughter’s allergies and asthma problems. The school has been ‘The Home away from Home’ for my daughters and i would strongly recommend Nicholas Montessori for anyone who is looking for a very safe, academic oriented, friendly environment for their kids.” Definitely a 5 star!

Quan & Yuxia Wang

Choosing a right preschool and kindergarten for your child is not easy. Sixteen years ago we went through that process for our daughter. We want to find a school with teachers that love and respect their students, with an environment that encourages children to learn but also accommodates each child’s own learning style, with a teaching philosophy that will bring out the child’s individuality and creativity. We certainly set a pretty high standard but we were so lucky that we found Nicholas Montessori School in Martinsville, NJ. The school was all we could ask for. Emily, our daughter, was in the preschool and stayed there for kindergarten too. She had wonderful time there and was well prepared for her transition to primary school. With the foundation laid by Nicholas Montessori School, she cruised through primary, middle and high schools and landed in Princeton University. We truly believe sending Emily to Nicholas Montessori School was one of the best things we ever did to her. Thank you, Mrs. Siva and Nicholas Montessori School!

Melissa Looby

Nicholas Montessori School gave my daughter a great start in her educational life! The Montessori method is so important for teaching young children both small and large motor skills, problem solving, working collaboratively with others, self-awareness, and creativity. Nicholas Montessori School embodies all of this and allows children to feel safe while discovering the world. Not all Montessori schools are created equal. Nicholas Montessori has a staff trained in the Montessori method. My daughter would never have become the successful student she is today without Nicholas Montessori school and its staff of caring, dedicated professionals. Thank you Ramani and company!

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Child’s Safety First…Child ID Program !

January 12, 2015January 12, 2015

We all know how important our children’s safety is… Nicholas Montessori is teaming up with New York Life to ensure the safety of our children and holding a free event of Child ID Program (Courtesy of New York Life Insurance Company) on January 28, 2015 at 4:00 PM at Nicholas Montessori School. By attending this event, you will get free ID card with your child’s photo, digital fingerprints and other vital information. This event is open for public for the children with age up to 10 years. Please feel free to bring your friends and family for this event.

Please contact us for more details..

CHILD ID flyer Nicholas Montessori